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HP Hood - 003 - Professor Binns

This is a fairly basic Sim, but I'm uploading for completeness, even though I doubt anyone will be nabbing him *g*

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HP Hood - 001 - Hannah Abbott

To prove how fickle I am, I changed my mind about the thing I'll be doing in here along with the Lovegood Legacy. I've decided to construct a Hood full of HP characters – both major and obscure – to use for future Sims fun, and I thought I'd upload them as I go along, for anyone who's interested. I'll be posting small photoshoots here, and then linking to my general download page. If y'all really aren't interested in seeing this, just say and I'll keep it to myself ;)

Basically, the point is to come up with a 'definitive' set of HP Sims that I'll use for those characters every time. Where possible, I'll be using base game clothing for maximum compatibility and minimum file size *g*

Because I need to do things alphabetically, I started with Hannah :D

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All Sim downloads will be centrally located here from now on. I'll be putting a link in the user info, so no need to fret if you forget :D

Sep. 15th, 2007

Okay, so it looks like I'll be doing a straight Legacy, although that'll depend a little on the attractiveness of the Founder ;) I've collected people's founder suggestions and worked out the most popular ones – and now you get to vote again!

Poll Concluded

I'm also going to probably be doing something else at the same time – something a lot more similar to BB – but that'll just pop up randomly when I get around to setting it up.